Coronavirus Information

Please read and do not enter this practice if you are experiencing cough or fever or shortness of breath.

Please stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with the flu.  Call NHS 111, even if symptoms are mild. 

If you have lived with or had close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus, you should contact NHS 111 for further advice.

Important Information About The Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The NHS in North West London and Public Health England (are well prepared for outbreaks of new infectious diseases. The NHS has put in place measures to protect patients, our community and NHS staff while ensuring as many services as possible are available to the public.
If you have symptoms associated with coronavirus including a new continuous cough and a high temperature, you are advised to stay at home for 7 days.
Please do not book a GP appointment or attend your GP practice.
If you live with other people, they should stay at home for at least 14 days, to avoid spreading the infection outside the home. After 14 days, anyone you live with who does not have symptoms can return to their normal routine.
But, if anyone in your home gets symptoms, they should stay at home for 7 days from the day their symptoms start. Even if it means they're at home for longer than 14 days. The most up-to-date public guidance is always online at
If your symptoms are serious, or get worse, NHS 111 has an online coronavirus service that can tell you if you need further medical help and advise you what to do. 
Only call 111 direct if you are advised to do so by the online service or you cannot go online.
More useful information for primary care
Public messaging updates are added daily here: 
3.     Common questions

Standard Operating Procedures for Primary Care Settings:

This is practical guidance to support primary care teams in managing contact with, and presentations of, patients who suspect they may have COVID-19 – this include cleaning and isolation in section 4 and PPE (based on COVID-19 interim guidance for primary care): General practice SOP

New national line announced for PPE issues:

If you experience PPE problems there is now a dedicated line for you: 0800 915 9964 / 0191 283 6543 or email:

Digital First Team

The Digital First Team has collated information which has been shared across the country to support Covid-19 delivery, including correspondence, practice plans, website links, briefings and social media and system supplier functionality support. It is a fast-changing situation and this site is continually being updated.

Main site for GPs: These pages have links to the up-to-date guidance healthcare professionals need to respond to coronavirus (COVID-19):

You can join the National Future NHS Collaboration Platform to find up to date information: If you are not registered, click on request access. Enter your information and you will receive confirmation and a ticket reference ID from team for approval to join. (It has been requested for this happen immediately).

Health Protection Team

If you suspect any cases of COVID-19 please contact the Health Protection Team as below.

The NW London Health Protection Team provide specialist support to prevent and reduce the impact of infectious diseases, chemical and radiation hazards and major emergencies. Please contact the team if you suspect any cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

North West London HPT
Public Health England
61 Colindale Avenue
Telephone: 020 3326 1658
Fax: 020 3326 1654
Out of hours advice: 01895 238 282
Lesley Watts - SRO, NW London Health and Care Partnership
Mark Easton - Accountable Officer, NW London CCG

Covid-19 Medical Certificate

If you are having to self isolate due to the coronavirus and you employer is requesting proof, please click on the link below and complete the form to give to your employer.

Covid-19 Medical Certificare.pdf

Requests for certification of absence from the workplace relating to Covid-19 may fall into five categories:

Symptomatic so isolating for seven days

Patients can and should self-certify for the first seven days as normal if they are unfit to work. They do not need to contact their GP.

Symptomatic and remaining unwell for over seven days

If they remain unwell and unfit to work after seven days, the current advice is to visit where there is an online self-assessment tool which should be up and running soon. They do not need to contact their GP for a certificate but you can advise patients to use the template form above.

Household contact symptoms so isolating for fourteen days as per government advice

GPs cannot and are not the gatekeeper of the statutory sick pay system and can only provide certificates for the purpose of illness, not in relation to government advice regarding self-isolation. Employers are responsible for putting in place arrangements for home/remote working where this is possible. Where it is not, the employee may self-certify and return to work following the relevant absence which their employer may authorise as per government advice.

At risk group so following government advice

Where they do become unwell during or after this time, point 1 and 2 applies. They do not need to contact their GP.

Those in full time education who are symptomatic or requiring self-isolation.

There is no NHS requirement to issue certification to schools or colleges to confirm absence. These organisations must work with parents and students to ensure that any absence is appropriately recorded, obviating the need for a ‘doctor’s note’. They do not need to contact their GP.