Primary Care Network

What is the Primary Care Network?

Our practice is now a member of the Primary Care Network for the North of Kensington covering most of the area as far south as the Leisure Centre. 

Primary care is the ‘front door’ to the NHS and covers what is provided by our GP surgeries, community pharmacies, and dental and eye health services.  A network means a coming together to make best use of appropriate and joined up resources so patients can have immediate access to a wider range of services than each surgery can provide on its own.  Our network (called the NeoHealth Primary Care Network) includes 9 GP practices, including North Kensington Medical Centre.

The networking of these practices will enable them to share their learning and resources and jointly to provide access to additional services such as district nurse services for the housebound, a clinical pharmacist and physio and occupational health services.  Advantages can also include extended and flexible hours for GP access across the network, from 8am to 8pm, and other specialist services.
You may not notice much change to begin with, but over time you may be able to use a wider range of services in our GP practice or at another practice within the network.  However you will still be registered with our GP practice which will continue to be your first point of contact in the usual way.

The network will need to ensure that appropriate data sharing arrangements are in place which complies with the General Data Protection Regulations.  If you have not already given your consent, our GP practice may ask for your permission to share summary medical records with the network practices and allied health service providers if necessary.  You have the right to restrict or object to sharing your personal data at all times.

If you would like to influence how services are being developed and delivered, please join our Patient Participation Group or ask how else you can get involved.